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by Vani Chawla
by Sanjay Soni
by Rakhi Kumar
by Rabindra Benthia
by Arjun Das
by Anupam Pal
by Anita Raj
by Anil Mishra
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Wall Painting

We provides one of the best wall painting in India and include some of the best artworks.

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We hosts Exhibition where artists from all over India come and shows there artworks.

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We hosts atelier, where we let new and future artist work together with their idols.

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Interior Designing

We provide Interior Designing service so that you can create your own living environment.

About Us

Vinita Arts Gallery began its journey in 2015 and geared up an evolution in the modern and contemporary art in India. Our concept is to bring Indian artists and art lovers on single platform so they can enjoy the harmony of Indian art and culture. We provide platform to Indian artists to showcase their amazing artworks at broader level in addition to above we promote emerging artists of Indian art industry so they can fulfill their dreams. Vinita Arts has showcased some of the unique and finest exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in India building up a gateway of Indian art in the world market. It has constantly hosted workshops, art camps, talk shows and seminar and made a landmark success in promoting Indian contemporary art at the global level. Vinita Arts Gallery presently operates from two places one is Jaipur and the other is New Delhi. Keeping with the latest trends of the art market, Vinita Arts has come up with best solutions for a wider audience of fine arts from traditional paintings, sculptures, printmaking, and graphics to new media like conceptual art, video art, installations and experimental art and started an online art Gallery where a buyer can opt to select and buy a piece of modern and contemporary art of his or her choice from a variety of read more...

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